AXIS Modular Functional Training

AXIS Series Benches and Racks

Link Series

LD-1 Chest Press/

Pec Fly

LD-2 Mid Row/

Lat Pull

LD-3 Leg Press/

Calf Raise

LD-4 Leg Extension/

Seated Leg Curl

LD-5 Ab Crunch/

Back Extension

LD-6 Shoulder Press/

Low Pulley

LD-7 Seated Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension

LD-8 Inner/

Outer Thigh

LD-9 Weight Assisted Chin Up/Dip

Link Free Trainer

Link Smith Machine

Omega Series Commercial Multi-Stations

Omega 2

Two Stack Multi-Station

Omega 4

Four Stack Multi-Station

FZ Series Freeweight/Body Weight

FZ-6 F.I.D. Bench

FZ-7 3 Tier

Dumbbell Rack

FZ-8 45 Degree

Back Extension

FZ-9 V.K.R./Dip

FZ-10 Adjustable

Ab Bench

FZ-11 3 Tier 6'

Dumbbell/Kettlebell Rack

Fusion 4 Modular Gym and Elements

FZ-1 Upper Body Unit

FZ-3 Lower Body Unit

FZ-5 Functional Trainer

Fusion 4 Modular Gym

Personal Gym

Fusion 3

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