Dual Swiveling High Pulleys for Iso-Lateral Lat Pull-Downs, Tricep Extensions, Straight and Side Ab Crunches

Advanced Smart Lock Cable System

Provides Direct Cabling to All Exercise

Stations While Minimizing Cable Play

And Stretch

Iso-Lateral Multi-Press and

Mid Row Arm Allows  Chest/Incline/Decline Press and Chest Supported Mid Row

Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl Features 8 Starting Point Adjustments and Patented Flip Support That Allows Full Muscle Contraction

Easy Entry, Obstacle Free Seat Design with Height Adjustment Provides Optimal Seat Position for All Exercises

(Optional) Leg Press with Integrated Bench Converts Leg Press Seat to a Multi-Purpose Dumbbell/Ab Crunch Bench

(Optional) Leg Press/Calf Raise Features a Walk Through Frame Design, Centered 4-Bar Linkage,

Large Footplate and Grip Handle

User Defined Free Cable Exercises Via Independent, Rotating Functional Arms with Single Touch Adjustment and Counterbalanced Swiveling Pulleys

Exceptionally Stable Tripod Frame Design with a Compact 4' x 5' 11" Footprint, (5' 5" x 5' 11" with Leg Press)





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