Upper Body


 Cable Crossover

 Standing Bicep Curl

 Overhead Tricep Press

 Inner Thigh

 Glute Kick

 Tricep Press Down


 Seated Chest Press*

 Seated Shoulder Press*

 Upright Row

 Chin Up



 Hanging Knee Raise


Functional Trainer Videos


 Click the Exercise to Watch

 Bicep Curl with Long Bar

Lower Body


 Bicep Curl with Short Bar

 Standing Chest Press

 Core Rotation

 High Row*

 Incline Bench Press*

 Outer Thigh

 Lat Pull*

 Lateral Raise

 Mid Row*

 Standing Shoulder Press

 Seated Bicep Curl*

 Suspension Training Sample**

Suspension Training


*Shown with Optioal AFID Bench

**Shown with Optional Suspension Training Strap

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